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Imagine a meadow with tall grass hidden in a deep forest. Then: a fox suddenly appears with its shy expression and elegant beauty. The encounter is brief, but it unfolds a mysterious intimacy.
Goldfuchs takes this intimacy to the stage.

Her music is centered around her vocals: sometimes delicate and fragile, sometimes powerful and energetic. It is accompanied by her baritone ukulele, which underlines the essence of Goldfuchs' music: the emotional resonance of her voice. Here’s someone singing who has wandered through the emotional landscapes of the human soul, measured and condensed it into songs. In her voice, longing has become sound, and melancholy loses all its heaviness. With her poetic lyrics, she searches for beauty in daily routines, for meaning in evanescence, for hope in the face of loss and for wisdom in love. Her style is somewhere between indie, folk and jazz, but she breaks with their conventions and thus always manages to surprise. Foxes love their freedom.



+49 172 3728715


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